Ron Shinnick is originally from Florida, but has traveled and lived throughout the United States, Especially the southern states.  He has  two degrees, one from Auburn University in Aquaculture (fish farming) and a Masters degree from the University of Georgia in  Extension Education.

Ron and his wife, Pam, have three children, Stacy, Leslie and Tanner.  Their home and llamas are literally in the middle of the University of Georgia's historic 65-acre fisheries research and education center, located in the small town of Cohutta, in the hills of northwest Georgia.  They derived their farm name, "Llamas by the Llakes," from the 36 ponds and lakes on the research facility.


The Shinnicks have been involved with llamas for more than 12 years, which has included raising, training and driving llamas.  Ron has also served on the boards of several conferences and meetings.  He writes for several llama publications in the United States and overseas, including LLama Banner, The British Camelid Association and the Australian Llama Magazine.