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Deluxe Llama Harness

Finally a driving harness developed especially for a llama. The True-Fit Llama Harness is made of a strong durable black nylon and includes a special flexible saddle that assures the best possible fit for your llama. The harness fits any llama weighing 250 to 450 lbs. In addition, the harness includes a neck-strap link that assists in keeping the breast collar in the position, bolt snaps on the hold back straps and turrets on the saddle that position the reins for optimum driving control.

Harness..... $250.00

Driving Halter

A quality driving halter is a must for any driving llama. Since the driving halter is the primary means of communication between llama and driver, quality and function are critical. The halter is designed to give the driver and llama a finer feel of the reins and optimum control for turns and stops. The halter is made of a durable nylon and comes in basic black with several colors of braided overlay to choose from.

Driving Halter..... $25.00

Harness Pads

The harness pads come in a set that fit the saddle and breast collar. These are especially useful with medium and heavy wool llamas because they prevent the harness from getting lost in the wool. They come in several colors including red, burgundy, black and blue. They can be purchased either as a set of saddle pad and breast collar pad, or individually. You can also match your pads and driving halters for a dressier appearance.

Pads (set) $......... .....................40.00
Individual Saddle Pad $.............25.00
Individual Breast Collar Pad $ ..15.00

Easy Entry Llama Cart

This is an excellent cart that is both versatile and durable. It can be used for a variety of driving activities including pleasure driving, shows, llama rides and other activities. And as the name indicates, "easy entry," you no longer have to step over anything to reach the seat making both entering and exiting the cart extremely easy. The weight of the driver, passengers and gear is balanced over the axle making it both comfortable and easy for your llama to pull. The seat is 44" in length, covered with a thick 2" pad and easily accommodates several passengers. It also comes with 60" shafts and a hardwood singletree in a natural finish. You can choose from either 20" or 24" wheels depending on the size of your llama.

Easy Entry Llama Cart $....595.00

Llamas by the Llakes
Ron and Pam Shinnick
291 Wolfe Street
Cohutta, GA 30710
(706) 694-3642


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